“The two musically inclined friends…created the singing duo Again Again, and their debut full-length album, “Listen. Love. Repeat.” is filled with positive, family-friendly messages for our time.” – LiveHappy.com

“The album features beautiful and memorable melodies with lyrics that are packed with progressive life lessons” –   Meagan Meehan Kidskintha

“Heisting their name from the familiar battle cry of the younger set, these two moms serve up a kiddie set for the younger end of the demo that need some sophistication so they don’t feel like they are being talked down to but aren’t ready to be real big shots yet.” – Midwest Record

“ …embedded in this organic world of childhood sound are lyrics packed with progressive life lessons that are a top priority in today’s world: blended/multicultural families; families with two dads, two moms, or just one parent; being kind to Planet Earth; getting through challenging situations, and more.” – New Music Weekly

“Listen. Love. Repeat is a choice pick for children and parents to share together!” – Midwest Book Review